More comments means
better search engine placement and seo. more income from delighted customers. more brand awareness and influence. a happier, more engaged community. continual relevance and authority.

A site visitor leaves a comment.

You, your authors, and others involved in the conversation get an email.

Anyone can reply without ever leaving their inbox. Maybe at your desk. Maybe on your phone. Maybe even offline.

The email replies are magically turned into brand new comments in the blink of an eye. The process repeats. Everyone wins. Especially you.

WordPress ‘s Replyable

I don't have to check my articles anymore to see if anyone left a comment. I get all comments delivered to my inbox so I don't miss out on any of them thinking even answer via email. Replyable has definitely made a huge difference.

Nick Schäferhoff

Replyable has made it much easier for me to moderate comments while on the go. It's convenient to be able to keep the conversation going without leaving my inbox.

Sarah Gooding

Do you care about the UX of your site comments? #Replyable by @gopostmatic is what you should buy!

Ahmad Awais
WordPress Core Contributor

I love getting emails notifying me of comments because I can reply in my native email client, either on desktop or mobile, no hassle, no links to click.

Chris Klosowski
Co-Lead developer of Easy Digital Downloads / Easy Digital Downloads

I have also moved to Replyable. And without repeating what has been said, in a nutshell, I have tried them all. A lot of them were okay but I seemed to always end up back at the basics. Have to say I’m damn impressed with... Read More

I have also moved to Replyable. And without repeating what has been said, in a nutshell, I have tried them all. A lot of them were okay but I seemed to always end up back at the basics. Have to say I’m damn impressed with Replyable so far, more than others. I’m a happy camper!
Bob Dunn
Founder /

Replyable has made commenting fun again, and reminded me of what it used to be like when blogs were the hub of conversation, versus the multiple social channels that blogs fight for attention with.

Danny Brown
Founder | Pure Blogging

Replyable gives you a great way of growing conversation on your blog naturally via a source that would otherwise be completely off the table – users’ inboxes. It takes a simple idea and executes it perfectly.

Tom Ewer

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What makes Replyable different from it’s big brother, Postmatic?

Postmatic is a full engagement platform for WordPress with a focus on delivering content to users where they are and making it easy for them to talk about it. Replyable focuses only on letting them talk about it.


Want to see it work?

Click here to spawn a new email message. Write something. Hit send.
Your email will be converted to a comment and show up down there in a few seconds time.
The full version of Replyable is a bit more complicated (think opt-ins etc), but this will give you the idea of how fun it is!

From Engage: The Replyable Blog

Replyable 2.2.7 is available

June 4, 2020

Hi Again, Sorry for the bug which were introduced in Replyable 2.2.6. All is well again, and an upgrade to 2.2.7 (available now in your WordPress dashboard) will fix any issues related to missing comment notifications. Best,Jason Read more

Author-comments bug in Replyable 2.2.6

June 1, 2020

Hey Folks, We’ve been alerted to a bug in the recently-released Replyable 2.2.6. We are addressing it now and hope to have a fix out today or tomorrow. The issue is that authors, in some cases, may not receive notifications of new comments on posts which they have written. We… Read more

Let users subscribe to replies-only in Replyable 2.2

May 23, 2017

The newest version of Replyable is available now and brings with it a few new modes for powering comment subscriptions. How Replyable has always handled active conversations By default Replyable uses two systems to make sure nobody gets too much email. First, it judges if a comment is worthy by… Read more