Say hello to our new blog – Engage

You may have noticed that last month we introduced Replyable – a simpler, more affordable version of Postmatic with a focus just on commenting. And with it comes the launch of a new blog: Engage.

We are going to be moving most of our writing efforts over here to Engage and as such, have moved your subscription to our blog as well. In the coming months you can expect at least one post a week focused on commenting, community, and leveraging engagement to increase sales, search engine rankings, and authority in your niche.

Want to subscribe?

We’ll be publishing about once a week. Choose if you’d like to receive content as soon as it is published, or get them all in a monthly digest. You can do that below.

We’re excited for the content we have lined up here. We’ll be getting a hand from a few guest authors, sharing data from all our services, and continually asking the question: do comments matter, and what good are they? Stay tuned.

Thanks for coming along,

PS – the image at the top of this post is from the very cool afterparty from WordCamp US 2016. The event organizers thought holding it at the Academy of Natural Sciences would be nifty. We couldn’t agree more. It made for lots of opportunities to frame friends and enemies alike as if they were to be eaten by a fine assortment of creatures. A good evening was had.



  1. Danny Brown says:

    Cool! Quick question – if I’ve been moved over to the Engage blog subscription, does that mean I’m no longer subscribed to this one? Or am I subscribed to both?

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