Switch to native WordPress comments, without letting down your Disqus users

Have  you recently migrated from Disqus to native WordPress Comments? Cool. We’re glad to have you back.

One feature your commenters probably liked best about Disqus was that they could comment easily on your site without having to fill out their name, email, and website. Disqus let’s users sign in using their social profiles from places like Twitter, Facebook, and Google. That’s pretty handy.

You can recreate that experience on your site using any number of social login/authentication plugins such as our own Postmatic Social Commenting. But. We just ran across an interesting idea that is especially nifty if you used to use Disqus.

Let users log in with their Disqus account to leave a native comment on your site

WordPress Social Login with Facebook and Disqus enabled.

WordPress Social Login is a plugin that lets users comment using their social profiles. It also now supports Disqus logins. If your commenters used to enjoy signing in using their Disqus account, they still can. But you can use native comments and still own your data. Win. It’s kind of the best of both worlds.

The featured image to this post is a recent weekend here in Vermont. Spring is a bit grumpy this year.



  1. Danny Brown says:

    This looks a really interesting plugin, but I’m curious how the Disqus integration works. My understanding is that a Disqus profile is for Disqus-powered sites only (and a reason you can comment on multiple sites if signed into your Disqus dashboard).

    How does a Disqus profile comment on a native WordPress comment area? I’m confused.

    • Jason says:

      Yea, it is confusing. The plugin just lets users authenticate with facebook, twitter, linkedin, etc… but also with Disqus. While most people have a social media profile (or 7) some folks also have actual disqus.com accounts. This let’s them use that account to verify their identity and leave a comment. It’s bafflingly simple.

      • dannybrown says:

        Bizarre. Think I’ll just stick to name and email for native WP, less confusing for this old codger. 🙂

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