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I don’t have to check my articles anymore to see if anyone left a comment. I get all comments delivered to my inbox so I don’t miss out on any of them thinking even answer via email. Replyable has definitely made a huge difference.
Nick Schäferhoff
Replyable has made it much easier for me to moderate comments while on the go. It’s convenient to be able to keep the conversation going without leaving my inbox.
Sarah Gooding
Do you care about the UX of your site comments? #Replyable by @gopostmatic is what you should buy!
Ahmad Awais
WordPress Core Contributor
I love getting emails notifying me of comments because I can reply in my native email client, either on desktop or mobile, no hassle, no links to click.
Chris Klosowski
Co-Lead developer of Easy Digital Downloads / Easy Digital Downloads
I have also moved to Replyable. And without repeating what has been said, in a nutshell, I have tried them all. A lot of them were okay but I seemed to always end up back at the basics. Have to say I’m damn impressed with Replyable so far, more than others. I’m a happy camper!
Bob Dunn
Founder /

Comment subscriptions reimagined

Notification emails can be so much more than just a name and a comment.

Our templates bring along profile images, gravatars, post recaps, and display the comment in context of the larger conversation.

WordPress email problems won’t be a problem here

Sending email in WordPress doesn’t always work. Hosts throttle outgoing messages to as few as 5 per hour. Replyable sends comment notifications for you – using the same infrastructure that powers Postmatic.

Reply to comments without leaving your inbox

Make commenting as easy as email

Have you ever gotten a comment notice and wanted to reply, without hitting the site, filling out a form, and dealing with browsers? All Replyable comment notices are, well, replyable.

Reply to any comment notification to post a followup comment. Even when offline.

Use the comment system you already own

Compatible with all other WordPress comment plugins

Replyable works with any native WordPress comment system: Epoch, wpDiscuz, De:comments, Inline Comments & whatever may have come with your theme.

Replyable works seamlessly with your existing commenting workflow including antispam solutions like Akismet, and WPBruiser – as well as moderation solutions like Crowd Control, Sift Ninja, and the WordPress mobile app. 

Keep your authors engaged in the conversation – and let them moderate it as well

Automatic author subscriptions

Choose to have authors and guest authors automatically subscribed to comments on their own posts. Replyable will deliver the most relevant and thoughtful comments via email (no nice post, dude notices here), and of course let them reply to send a response.

Moderation should be a shared task

Authors can also moderate comments with simple email commands such as approvespam, or trash. Or, just reply with a response and the comment will be approved and the reply posts, all without touching WordPress.


Authors can approve, trash, spam, or approve/reply directly from their inbox.

Not all comments are worthwhile

Comment notifications go way beyond what’s new to show context as well has the recap of the post.

Replyable recognizes the quality and relevance of comments and only sends the best to people who have subscribed. Comment content is scored for relevance, length, reading level, and sentiment. If it doesn’t add to the conversation, it’ll be held back and only included in a daily recap.

Lower-quality comments which are direct replies will still be sent to the person being replied to immediately. This keeps side conversations going without bothering the larger group.

Subscription scaling for any size community

Automatic daily digests for active conversations

Email is great – but too much of it can be a drag. Replyable throttles notifications on chatty posts to meet the needs of the conversation. When things are quiet subscribers receive new comments as they happen. If there are more than a few new comments in the same day email is held back and grouped together into a what’s new daily digest.

Best of all, direct replies are always sent immediately to keep side conversations going without bothering the larger group.

If a post gets too busy the notifications will switch automatically to a digest mode.

The data is clear – longer, more active conversations mean higher relevance and better search rankings.

The best way to get more comments? Make it easy.


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